A.M.E. Zion Church

Stone Soup


One of the most significant ministry opportunities we offer is Stone Soup. The story behind Stone Soup tells of a soldier who had a long distance to travel before getting back home. On the journey he became quite hungry and as he entered a small village he asked if anyone might be able to share a meal with him. Everyone he ran into said they didn't have much, in fact they all said that they didn't even have enough for their own families.

He was taken back by the sad situation he had encountered and he came up with the idea of Stone Soup. He went to the city park, started a fire, put a large cooking pot on the fire filled with water and a large stone. The children playing there asked him what he was doing and he said I'm making Stone Soup, want some? Well they kept watching him as he boiled the water, added salt and pepper all the while stirring the soup. Pretty soon other people came by and asked him, and he told them the same thing. Some people would say well I have a potato or two or I have some carrots, others said I have a soup bone and some said I have a cabbage. Before long the pot was filled with all kinds of great food, more than enough for everyone in town to have.

So as in the story we make Stone Soup every Sunday. It is a great time of fellowship and ministry. People share what they have and there is always more than enough for everyone. This time of fellowship has created a wonderful family atmosphere that has connected people from all walks of life. I think one of the most humbling statements I've heard about this meal is, "This is the only time I get to eat with anyone else."

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